8 Travel Tips from an 1881 "How To Travel" Guide

8 Travel Tips from an 1881 "How To Travel" Guide

As with every historical travel book I find, the particulars and prose place the reader in another time, yet people will be people.

This pocket-size piece, How to Travel: Hints, Advice, and Suggestions to Travelers by Land and Sea All Over The Globe by Thomas Knox was published in 1881. The version I found at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia was distributed by The Erie Railway, which included advertisements in the back.

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A Guide to Transformational Travel (TravelAge West)

I was nodding along to this TravelAge West article by Mindy Poder at every line.  Every trip changes you in some way, and it is the travel providers and brands that very purposefully design their user experiences around the fact that people want to change for the better.  "Transform" is the buzz word.  It's certainly what I strived for in creating expeditions that added new elements to a familiar place, or a personal connection with a particular culture, artisan or expert.  You want the user to find something within themselves while they are in your care that they might otherwise have left unexplored.  This article is a great overview of that process. 

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Skift's 2018 Megatrends Reports

If you work in the travel industry, you probably already know about Skift, the media, insights and marketing platform--an intelligence platform, as they call themselves.  I've been loving Skift's articles and insights, but their Megatrends Report is fantastic.  

Pieces cover topics like "Personal Fulfillment is the New Ultimate Luxury," cities navigating visitor and local economies, and blockchain changing the technology race in travel.  It really runs the gamut and the writing is engaging as well.  Not the slow, drab reporting typically found in such compendia.  

If you're interested in seeing where the travel industry is heading, check it out.  It's free!