Bioluminescence is the Coolest

There are nights when I miss standing on deck and watching the ocean churn deep blue and black. But I especially miss the times when a blue streak from a fish or blueish waves would illuminate the darkness, giving us a sense that we weren't on the ocean, but in space. Check out this quick video to learn about that blue glow, bioluminescence, and why it is one of the coolest phenomena on the planet. 

From Homeless to Tour Guides

I am really taken with this piece from Gerard Groves and Emma Snodgrass for the BBC.  It highlights Invisible Edinburgh, a social enterprise that trains homeless citizens to work as tour guides. This 5-minute video features two guides who have been at the bottom and are now living full lives, supporting themselves and enlightening tourists on a deeper level. If you find yourself in Edinburgh, take the tour!  

   Click here   to watch the video. 

Click here to watch the video. 

2018 World Happiness Report

The UN's 2018 World Happiness Report is out.  Here's the roundup of the Top 10.  How do you feel about this list?  And happiness reports in general? 

If you want to dig into the full 172-page report, here it is.  If not, click below for the top 10 snapshot. 

NY Times 52 Places to Go in 2018

I cant say I'm the biggest fan of lists, but if you can't find some travel inspiration from the New York Times 52 Places to Go In 2018 list, well...

Having just spent a long weekend in New Orleans, I love that the list kicks off with the Big Easy.  From there, the list hops all over the world with beautiful photos, video snippets and a bit of "why now" as well.  Check it out!