Unbelievable Places That Are Hard To Believe Really Exist

Redundant title aside, I believe. I believe in these places because the world is incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to see so many places that made me question my own eyes.

I’m sharing this video because of its incredible beauty, and because it’s a meditation. No narrator counting down to 1 in a booming voice. Just photos and music. Put it on full screen mode, turn the volume up and zen out for a few minutes.

What is "Wild Swimming"? For writer Joe Minihane it was the breakthrough to dealing with his anxiety.

Some travel to seek. Some travel to escape. For many of us, it's both. Such respect for writer Joe Minihane, who sought a cure to his anxiety in nature, stumbled, and found his truer path. A beautiful video well worth eight minutes of your day. 

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And check out Joe's book Floating for the full story on his journey. 

Bioluminescence is the Coolest

There are nights when I miss standing on deck and watching the ocean churn deep blue and black. But I especially miss the times when a blue streak from a fish or blueish waves would illuminate the darkness, giving us a sense that we weren't on the ocean, but in space. Check out this quick video to learn about that blue glow, bioluminescence, and why it is one of the coolest phenomena on the planet.