Philadelphia Inquirer: Their Home in the Immigrant Village / by Marc Cappelletti


My project documenting just an initial piece of Philadelphia's Italian Market culminated with the following article, published on March 16th in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  So thankful to them for running with it. Their Home in the Immigrant Village

by Marc Cappelletti

A light snow is falling on the green awnings of Philadelphia's Ninth Street  Market. It's a fleeting snow, melting almost as soon as it lands. Still, I  marvel. It brings to mind the snow that fell in my grandfather's stories of his  emigration from Italy to America, where he landed 85 years ago.

His journey began in the back of an ox-cart. It took nine days at sea to  reach New York City and then Philadelphia, where he, his mother, and two  brothers were reunited with his father. I walked to the market from Center City...

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And some photos that didn't make it into the online version: