Philadelphia's City Hall - The Classic Shot (Sort of) / by Marc Cappelletti


If you're out to shoot, or just see Philadelphia's City Hall you should wait until it gets a little dark out and set up shop on Broad Street.  What you have is a nicely lit street with changing colors, cars going by on either side, and of course the focal point of City Hall to the north.  (Do I have to say, be careful and watch for traffic?) DSC_9571-014

You'll find this shot (or very, very similar) on a bunch of postcards and posters.  It's a must take, but best to experiment with styles and angles to make it your own.  Or, just wait for something interesting to walk in front of the lens...

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Any way you look at it, this view from Broad Street facing north to City Hall is just another reason to bring your family, friends, and especially your camera to Philadelphia.  Have fun exploring.