Christmas in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia / by Marc Cappelletti


rittenhouse square, philadelphia christmas, philly, urban photography, city of brotherly love Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square is ripe for classic holiday photos.  The tree is up, the lights are hung, and it's 65 degrees three days before Christmas.  Maybe not entirely classic.  Snow-covered would have been nice.  Although for the fair-weather photographer, it's not so bad.

Rittenhouse Square, philadelphia at night, philly, city of brotherly love, philly parks

After having been away from Philadelphia for over ten years, moving back last week and living just two blocks from this beautiful park is a real treat.

rittenhouse square, philadelphia, philly, city night

Rittenhouse Square statue, city, philly parks, philadelphia

It's also worth taking time to appreciate the park's sculptures, like "The Duck Lady" and Lion Crushing Serpent.

Rittenhouse Square Lion Serpent, philadelphia, philly, rittenhouse philadelphia, philly parks