Maine: The Way Life Should Be / by Marc Cappelletti


Photography and musings on a state slogan. Maine Sunrise Photo

Life should be appreciated.

Maine Lobster Food Photo

Life should be lived without any scraps left on the table.

Maine Boats Casco Bay Portland

Life should be a grand experiment in imagination.  Even small row boats have the potential to cross great oceans.

Christmas in Maine

Life should be celebrated.

Maine Portland Bay

Life should be dramatic.

Maine Coast Portland

Life should be full of adventure, rocky at times, with the understanding that every sunrise brings about the possibility for improvement.

Portland Maine Lighthouse

Life should be about laying foundations for future generations, serving as a beacon of hope and a warning of pitfalls, so that they can make new discoveries.

ll bean maine beach docksiders

Life should be full of sandy feet and sun tans.

Maine Trees

Life should be lived as one with nature, taking time to recognize that which makes us feel alive, small and humbled.


Life should be tasty and fresh.

Maine Boats Portland Blue heron

Life should be wild, full of surprises and unexpected visitors.

Maine Boats Casco Bay Sunrise

Life should be bold and colorful.

Maine Coast Winslow Park

Life should be cherished, preserved and cared for.

maine dock photo

Life should be full of sturdy docks to cling to when you need stability, or to jump from when you need a thrill.

Casco Bay Ferry Portland Maine

Most of all, life should be spent with those you love. (On the Casco Bay Ferry with my Mainer.)

Maine Boats Sunrise Portland

Now it's your turn to comment. Think about Maine or any place that evokes "The Way Life Should Be."  What would you like to add?