Some Love for the Williamsburg Bridge / by Marc Cappelletti


Williamsburg Bridge It's OK, Williamsburg Bridge -- being the workhorse of the East River, longer than the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, with an unobstructed skyline view of Manhattan, yet standing wholly unloved by the masses understandably weighs on your cables.  You were the second longest bridge in the world when you were built, the first to have steel piers.  I get it, people should remember that.   And you're tireless--carrying traffic, pedestrians, and the J, M, and Z subway lines, more than 140,000 vehicles, 100,000 subway riders, 600 cyclists, and 500 pedestrians across the East River every day.  It's a thankless job, but you do it so well.

Hopefully these photos of you looking good will ease the pain of being the East River's most unloved bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge Skyline

Under the Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge Kid

Williamsburg Bridge Photo

Thanks to for some of the bridge facts.